Firefly Beetle · Meadowedge Pond

Little Lanterns of the Night

by Jacquie Peoples Dukes

Beautiful insects that are natural lanterns of the night.

They are always the life of the party for all their short-lived life.

Their tiny orange or yellow head with split black wings hide a hidden treasure.

That thrills, excites, and delights with astounding mystical pleasure.

It prowls the habitat for a twilight date.

It employs bioluminescence to attract a mate.

Trying to avoid the looming, nocturnal,

Mason jar zoo.

They bob and weave and loop de loop.

Lampyridae is hard to say, but scientifically their name.

They love to play “Hide and Seek”

and are experts at the game.

“Lighting Bug” or Firefly”

folks from the North or South both needle.

Ironically, they’re not a bug or a fly,

but classified a beetle.

Quietly upon a Summer’s eve,

on a stealthy mission

they embark.

They shine some light on a dimming world,

by piercing through

the dark.

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