Common Dewberry · Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail

I wonder

by Peter McWilliams

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I wonder … where is it I should start?
With its waterways, falls and airspace
over such distinct, diverse ground
Or the abundance of native plants
where a wealth of wildlife abound?

I’ll start by introducing myself
Tell you some things about me
I’m a plant, a perennial brambles
(common) Northern dewberry

With taproots well-grounded
from the family of rose

By nature I’m really seedy

Recycling around
Near and far I’ll be found
on forest floors or clearings more needy

Endangered Karner blue butterfly
Species of animal, bee and bird
From spring to early summer
I’m the pollination station preferred!

Adorned with ripened berries
I pose an inviting sight
With inflorescent pistils
and petals of bright white

Open for daytime viewing
Closed for business at night

If these tempting berries
say to you, a passerby,
“Try me for a little snack
or in a fresh-baked pie”…

Humans and canines, be in the know
That poison ivy lurks below

I don’t mean to scare you
Only want to prepare you
If butterflies land there
Don’t put your hands there

So now that I’ve told you
some things about me,
The not so (common) brambles Northern dewberry,
I hope I’ve made you wonder
Inspired you to wander

Stop by and say hello
to all things here that live and grow

You can drive to arrive
Come by boat or by rail
Hike or bike the towpath

Saddle up on the bridle trail
Visit historic Ohio towns
Shop farmers markets —
Just make the rounds!

So many things to see
So many ways to be

Whether you travel from far or near
Always remember to park it here!





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