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An Artist’s Bracket

by Susann Moeller

I wish I had your
cosmopolitan distribution, dear.
While no one has you for lunch,
some will have you for tea.

And so, this poet raises
her Scarlet Cup to
the pungent inspiration
in these odorous woods.

I waltz through mycology,
where Turkey Tails and
Hens in the Woods
flock without feathers;

where moss and lichen
cover and layer the playground
for Hänsel & Gretel and Snow White
with rotting bones, leaves, and scat.

Beneath my feet
spreads a carpet of hosts
to Saprophytes,
Biophytes and Necrophytes.

Beer and cheese need them
as much as I crave you.
You, neither plant nor animal
but part of Thoreau’s lore!

As I walk on Silky Parchment,
stroking in passing a Lion’s Mane,
Funeral Bells chime from afar
and in the Dryad’s Saddle

that hung from an oak nearby,
or was it a maple—I ride
through the Grimm brothers’ tales
and dash away from parasites

on logs and stumps and pale gleams
that hide amatoxin under
their white satin skirts
and promise the Death Angel’s Kiss.

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